Monday, April 16, 2007


This is my first blog .I will work hard to make it a great one like other's bolgs. Thank my dear teacher Hala.


I am MOJAHED, borned and raised in Sudan in 1990. In 1994 moved to Egypt, stayed with my grandmother and studied two years there, In 1997 moved to the KSA, because my parents work there, I did my study in Saudi Arabia and, I graduated from the secondary, after that I had the idea of study university abroad, but I moved the country in order to be the beloved individual in the university of the people I had promised Majalt have liked but there was one flag. My dream since junior is has always been to programming, So I Thank God I could entered in the computer science college in "University of SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY". I will study and work hard and do all I can to carry out the mission and get a university degree and certificate world
really to be proud of and the highest by the parents of my family, and I serve my country, and the other countries, which want to be a programmer real professionals you must have a imagination broad and programming craz The programming is weapon, mental and technical ,Jabbar. This profile simple for me; and last but not least, I thank Dr. Professor "HALA" and all the Internet group.